Gregor Pobor

Gregor Pobor of River Vale, NJ, passed away on January 29, 2020 at age 60.

As an emergency room physician he touched many lives while always being kind and calm.

Gregor was born in Rijeka, Croatia (former Yugoslavia). His family left Yugoslavia when he was eleven years old. They moved to Boden, Sweden. His father Grgur Pobor was a ENT doctor and his mother Vlasta Sindik was a family doctor. In 1986 he earned an MD from the Karolinska Institute Faculty of Medicine where he graduated with honors. He also had a Ph.D. in molecular biology from Umeå University. From 1986 to 1989 he was a postdoctoral fellow at the MIT Center for Cancer Research, where he worked with a Nobel Prize laureate.

In 1987 he met the love of his life, his future wife, Carmen Teresa Villarreal at MIT. Teresa, originally from Mexico, was a graduate student at the Space Systems Lab. at MIT. Gregor and Teresa were married in June 1988 in Harvard, Massachusetts, where they left their wedding ceremony in a hot air balloon.

Gregor did his medical internship at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, WA and his medical residency in internal medicine at Cabrini Medical Center in New York City. He worked as an emergency room attending physician at Cabrini Medical Center (New York City), St. Clare´s Hospital (New York City), St. John´s Hospital (Far Rockaway, NY), Franklin Hospital (Valley Stream, NY), and Vassar Brothers Medical Center (Poughkeepsie, NY). But the position he held the longest and loved the most was at New York Presbyterian/Lawrence Hospital in Bronxville New York; he worked there from1996 to 2020.

Gregor lived a very international life. He was fluent in Croatian, Swedish, English, Spanish, and German. Gregor and Teresa traveled widely and wherever they went, Gregor always had his camera on hand.

In the U.S.,Gregor is survived by Teresa, his wife of 31 years, Carmen, his mother in law, many friends, and his dog Chica, whom he adored, as he did all his doggies. He leaves many dear friends and relatives in Croatia, Italy, Mexico, and Sweden.

A memorial mass has been postponed and will be held at a later date.

Following his wishes, Gregor is to be cremated and then buried in his hometown of Vrbnik in Croatia. The burial will be on Saturday April 4, 2020. Remarkably, Gregor and Teresa met on Saturday, April 4, 1987, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. So the circle of love of 33 years will be complete.

In lieu of flowers, donations in his memory may be made to St. Pius X Church. 268 Old Tappan Rd, Old Tappan, NJ 07675. The church’s phone number is (201) 664-0913. And their website is


  1. Gregor Pobor will be missed. He was loved and admired. He was a gentle person who had compassion and a great deal of patience and understanding. We laughed and joked with him. When someone had a problem or was sad he was there for you. God bless you Dr. P…you will never be forgotten and we will love you always!!!

  2. Teresa and Carmen., there are so m many of us who will miss Gregor. Sending you love and continued prayers

  3. Jennie Scalisi

    Gregor was a kindhearted soul who rarely complained, found amusement in the most strange, liked to play practical jokes on his colleagues, but was always supportive and helpful in a pinch, compassionate, incredibly generous, had immense patience, was a good listener and had a charismatic smile.

    I’ve known Gregor for close to 25 years however, I wish I had more time to know him better. We shared some personal stories and he loved to talk about his dogs, give advice about cars, construction, computers or electrical/mechanical topics the latter of which were often over my head.
    It was hard to talk at any length while working our busy Friday or Saturday night shifts but I always made sure that I brought Gregor a “snack” which could not be “too healthy” or he would disregard it. And although he preferred his vending machine Rice Krispie treats, I would usually offer some “healthy” alternatives like granola bars or “healthy” chips.

    Gregor was such an integral part of the Emergency Department so much so that everyone just took for granted that he would always be there and show up being his usual self. There is now a stark void where his presence once was and it has been difficult for all those who have worked with such a beautiful person and one who can never be replaced.

    My heart goes out to his family, particularly you, Theresa whom I would hear him speak with each night before you went to sleep and each morning when you awoke.
    My deepest sympathies for you and your family and hope that in time you find peace and acceptance.

  4. Per Erik Kemlen

    A honest and lovely person. Kind, warm-hearted and caring for everyone but himself. He was so genuine and a role model for how you should interact with other people. I will miss you Gregor.
    My thoughts and consulates to Teresa and his brother Branko in Boden, Sweden

    “God saw you getting tired,
    So He wrapped his arms around you,
    and whispered, “Come to me”.
    So He gave you rest.
    God’s garden must be beautiful,
    He only takes the best”

  5. Roger Fogelkvist

    Many years has past.

    But Gregor has always been, and will be, in bright memory as to his kindness and consideration that only a truly great man can give.

    My thoughts to his family

  6. Thank you, Roger.

  7. Irene Schlegel

    So sorry, Teresa and rest of family.
    I found out not too long ago. Had the pleasure of working
    along side Dr. G. Pobor for more than 10 years at Lawrence Hospital.
    Take care and God Bless.

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