Christopher J. Keating “Skeeter”

Christopher J. Keating III, “Skeeter”, 63, of Norwood NJ, passed away unexpectedly on Thursday, March 7, 2024. He was predeceased by his parents, Christopher J. Jr. and Mary Elaine Keating and his sister, Mary E. Keating. He was survived by his step-mother, Eleanor Purdy Keating and brothers, Wayne and James Purdy and wife Laura. Loving uncle of Michael and Justin. He also was a part of a loyal chosen family, from coast to coast. 

Chris “Skeeter” grew up in Norwood, NJ and was a pillar of the community. He attended Catholic School, Northern Valley High School and Bergen Community College for his associates degree. Chris spent 25 years as a custodian in the Northvale Public Schools. During that time, he touched many lives and his memory will be kept alive by all the coworkers, kids and parents that he came in contact with. He was a very dedicated employee that took pride in knowing the job was done correctly. He recently retired from St. Thomas Aquinas College and was planning on a full life of adventure in retirement. 

Skeeter was like clockwork and you could tell time by him. He never hit the jackpot in the lottery but he hit the jackpot in life with the community that surrounded him. People will be telling “Skeeter” stories and use his sayings for many years to come. He was a firm believer in supporting our troops. He was the guy at the cemetery that would fix all the flags for veterans. He was also a “Son of the Legion” and proud of being the son of “Christopher J. Keating Jr.” who served in WWII and was part of “The Greatest Generation”. 

Skeeter loved motorcycles and old cars. He loved lending a helping hand whenever he could. He had a heart that was full of love and he wasn’t afraid to show his love. His quirky knowledge and consistency was his charm. Anyone who was fortunate enough to call him family or friend can say they hit the lottery. 

As “Skeeter” would say, “God Bless America and God Bless our Troops”.  He would say to everyone, be happy and be true to those you love.

Visiting hours are Saturday, March 16, 2024 from 9 – 11 AM at Pizzi Funeral Home, 120 Paris Avenue, Northvale with a funeral service at 11 AM.  Interment will follow at Tappan Cemetery, Tappan, NY.  

Donations may be made to an animal rescue organization of your choice in memory of Chris’s beloved Dutchess.  


  1. Matt & Ellen Traudt

    So many laughs along the way. All your observations and comments. “Yikes!!” I’ll always remember it’s better to walk over then stoop over! Never forget to go as you came. Take care brother.
    Matt & Ellen

  2. Diane Frohlich

    Rest in Peace dear Skeeter. Will miss the drive by beeps and the “what’s up a?!”
    It was a pleasure working with you at Northvale School(s).

  3. Debby Petrosky

    God Bless you Skeeter, you were always so loving and kind. Will always forever remember the kindness you showed to my Mom Fran, Lee and I.

  4. I remember playing baseball with Chris and Vin Delongis. Such a great guy. Always happy. We called him Keats. He was a solid player and a good friend

  5. Chris (I think I was the only person who ever called him Chris) took me to get my motorcycle license. I’m sure it was the only time he was ever on a Honda. I have many great memories of him. Godspeed Chris.

  6. Claudine McGinnity

    Chris was the kindest soul on this planet. I always looked forward to running into him at the Fox and Hound. He had the calmest voice that always made me feel good. I will miss him very much. A great man has left us. Until we meet again, my friend.

  7. So many memories of Skeeter but above all I’ll always remember the way he cared and protected the kids on his Northvale school bus – he took that responsibility very seriously and felt connected to those kids. He was always very kind to my son.

    Of course, “Yikes!” and Shock and Awe were his catch phrases but there was so much more beneath the surface that he allowed some to see.

    Before his sister died, my motorcycle broke down and I guess Mary must have mentioned I was stranded because suddenly a pickup appeared & it was Chris & JJ to my rescue (despite it being a crotch rocket!).

    God Speed Chris – hope you are having a happy reunion with Dutchess, Mary and your parents. <3

  8. I first met “Skeeter” in the Norwood Little League. He was in his last season as I was just starting. As I got older, Skeeter became a regular hanging out on the porch at the Traudt house and “The Lot”, where I lived at the time. Chris was a great guy, and a great friend who would always help you out if you needed a hand. He’s probably hanging out on “The Porch” in Heaven with Nehmes, Shultz, and Wags drinking a “buzz cola” and munching on some “Knick knack snacks “. You will be sorely missed, my friend. RIP.

  9. RIP “Mr. Chris”, as we used to call him in elementary school. In kindergarten when he entered the room you knew it was snack time, cause he brought in everyone’s milk lol. He was a minor celebrity among the students of Thomas Jefferson for his kindness and patience.

  10. Chris was so helpful to the PTO and the Girl Scouts of Northvale. Whatever set up or equipment we needed for a meeting, social event, or fundraiser held at Thomas Jefferson or Nathan Hall schools, Chris always made sure we had it. His dedication and kindness showed every day. The Northvale school community was blessed to have Chris as a friend.

  11. Bianca Wentzell

    Chris was a wonderful person. He was so kind and caring. I always enjoyed chatting with him when we worked together at STAC and hearing his stories. I will miss him very much!

  12. Skeeter, rest easy my friend! You will be truly missed. Thank you for all the great belly laughs!

  13. Sr. Maryann Summa

    What a nice person! I knew Chris from STAC where he would often stop by to say hello and see if I needed any assistance. He would bring me the batteries for recycling so I didn’t have to walk over to the other buildings to get them. He was so thoughtful! May he rest in peace.

  14. Chris, you were a very special individual to everybody who you came in contact with and everyone that knew you, especially me. I enjoyed the good moments the good laughter, kindness, loyalty, and friendship that we had it will be very hard to forget. I miss you my brother rest in peace Skeeter

  15. Chris it is so wonderful to read all of these amazing many lives you positively impacted. aunt Elaine, uncle Jack and Mary Beth and Eleanor would be so happy about the life you have lived. Rest in peace …until we meet again . uncle Phil aunt mickey Karen Lisa and Philip

  16. Skeeter, where do I even begin? You are ingrained in my childhood memories of Norwood, having been very close friends with my parents, Mark and Melba Bocchino. You were one of the funniest people I ever knew, always coming out with great one-liners (“Shock and Awe!”), giving people hilarious yet accurate nicknames (my mom was “Squirrelly”), and your genuine joy for life lit up the room. I loved seeing you around town, at the Legion, preparing for Memorial Day parade…I recall very early memories when my parents were still young, on warm summer days, they’d take me to hang out at The Lot while they partied. All the adults hanging out near their cars or sitting on motorcycles or pickup beds. Times were different back then of course, but us few kids around really loved it. You were a fixture of Norwood; I cannot picture my childhood without you in it. I’d see you around town as I got older and you’d always joyfully say “Little Mel!!! Suppa!” You brought such a smile to my soul, truly. I hope you and Schultz and Neems are having a good time up there. My dad misses you all. Rest easy, until we all meet again

    -Little Mel

  17. Rest In Peace Skeeter! Yo buzz do the whistle! That’s sick! It was a pleasure working with you! Rest Easy my friend

  18. Rest In Peace dear Skeeter, you’re definitely a one of a kind soul with such a beautiful heart. Great memories… “shock and awe” ❤️

  19. Corey Barraclough

    Its sad to have to say Goodbye to a Great Friend Skeeter was and is the best/Funny person that I have ever met. Skeeter is one of my moms best Friends that she grew up with and I had the pleasure of knowing him and I also worked at Nothvale board of Education “Northvale Public school” and Skeeter Took me under his wing and showed me the ropes.. He was the best and always made me laugh!!


  20. Chris was a little boy when I met him! He lived across the street from my family all his life!
    My brother Dan took over my Dad’s house and Chris was always a great friend! He loved my Brother’s kids and watching them grow up ! He used to put a sign in the street “Kids at Play “ Slow Down!!, because he didn’t want to see anything happen to them !
    He joined us for Parties and sometimes even Holidays! He was a kind and Real person always!
    I loved Chris and will miss him and his funny stories
    Very much!! He was a good soul! He always said call me if you need anything & He meant it !
    Very honest! He will be in my heart always!
    Rest in Peace Buddy ❤️

  21. Skeeter, thank you for being my friend…always.

  22. Yikes, it’s already been a month since Skeeter left us. Thank you to all his friends for the love that you have shown over this time. Thank you for all the insight that you, his friends have given me. Skeeter was a one of a kind, he was true, he was caring. He kept his life close to himself. He so looked forward to retirement. We will all miss him for a long time to come. God bless.

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